Post Processing Services

In addition to our deep drawn conversions, we also offer a range of value-added services to ensure the delivery of a finished part, such as:


A process done to aluminum parts for 2 primary purposes.

  1. It seals the surface of aluminum.
  2. Electrolysis – A process that seals the surface and makes it harder and scratch resistant as well as protects against corrosion.

While the parts are anodized, you can also add dye to change colors. Dye is introduced to the surface of the material during the Anodizing process. There are also options to get a clear anodize to maintain the silver/aluminum color.


A process typically done on parts that are used in high corrosive environments to preserve the longevity of the component in the field. We offer several different types (tin, zinc, nickel, black nickel) and thickness of plating depending on the customer’s requirements.


Painting services are available in any color – for bezels on gauges, probe tips, steel parts for garden tools, and more.

Tempering / Annealing

Carbon steel, stainless steel, and brass are the primary metal choices for tempering and annealing.

  • Annealing –  The process of resetting a metal’s properties through softening the metal, often to prepare the metal to be formed further. Applications requiring crimping or additional forming during an assembly process may need annealed material in order to avoid cracking or breakage. 
  • Tempering –  Tempering is different from annealing since the outcome is to stress relieve the component rather than to completely soften it, which will require different temperatures and cooling rates.

The vibratory burnishing process will both clean parts as well as add a brightness and shine. This process can also help with removing any sharp edges on a finished part. Parts are placed in a 10 cubic feet vibratory bowl with soap and detergent spray to clean off the parts.

Case Studies

Read some examples of the value added services that we provide our customers every day.

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