Design Services

Our experienced team will work with your engineers through the part design process by utilizing our manufacturing and materials expertise. Through our 60+ years of experience with designing for manufacturability and part durability, we work closely with OEM personnel in the design and development of products with improved efficiency and affordability.

Having long-term partnership allows for unique, tailor made prints. When working with a part design or blueprint, there are times when we use our knowledge base to recommend alternative metal compositions or part designs that will not only increase the durability and quality of the part, but will also result in cost savings by solving problems in manufacturability to improving the overall drawing process. 

Our focus is to analyze current parts to see how we can offer a better solution. Cycle testing is an important step in ensuring that the finalized part will be of highest quality. We take the time to provide samples for our customers to test, and will make any necessary part improvements before getting final approval for production. As problem solvers, this is where we will identify opportunities to show that our parts are more advantageous than previous parts being utilized in production. 

Refer to our case studies for examples of how we have helped customers save money and improve the design and durability of their parts.

Case Studies

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