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For 60 years, Peterson Manufacturing. has been producing precision deep drawn metal stamping components for customers in a wide range of industries. Every one of our products is custom made and unique to the customer’s specifications. Below are several examples of our work:

  • Stainless steel probe tips

    Peterson fabricates the stainless thermostat probes, a protective housing for temperature sensors as well as sensors for measuring fluids. Perfect for the appliance industry.

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  • Fire Extinguisher Ferrules

    Ferrules are used on the rubber hose to connect the fire extinguisher to the spray nozzle. Made from either aluminum or brass, these ferrules are crimped on to maintain retention on the connecting hardware. Most brass ferrules are used for marine applications or higher corrosive environments. Aluminum ferrules are used to reduce weight and cost when the environments are not as harsh.

  • Copper Bulbs for HVAC

    Peterson creates copper bulbs used on thermal expansion valves to measure the temperature of the freon in the system on the evaporators within HVACs.

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  • Threaded Studs for Heating Elements

    These manufactured studs are epoxied to a heating element, such as a dishwasher or griddle.

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  • Sensors

    Peterson specializes in deep drawn conversion caps and probe tips used as protective coverings to house various sensors. Aside from stainless steel probe tips utilized for heating sensors, Peterson also provides sensor caps for the automotive industry that can be used in either speed or temperature sensing applications.

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