Conversion Services

We specialize in cost reduction by converting alternative metal forming processes such as screw machining, tube fabricating, and cold heading to our deep drawn process utilizing our high speed transfer presses.

We are true partners with our customers through traveling to their facilities, evaluating their current processes, and helping to determine how they can convert to deep drawn stamping.

We provide deep drawn part conversions for small parts used in small appliances, gauges, sensors, control valves, plumbing accessories, and dozens of other applications. Our typical parts are .125″ to 3.0″ in length with diameters from .08″ to 2.0″ and a thickness of .008″ to .050″, but we do have the ability to make larger parts. Our deep drawn stamping services can be applied to a variety of materials such as brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, and inconel. We can work in volumes as small as 50,000, with optimum capacities to millions of parts.

When compared to other metal shaping processes, deep drawn conversion presents a number of advantages:

Lower tool construction cost

Most metal shaping processes require extensive tool or die construction before the manufacturing process begins. Deep drawn conversion allows manufacturers to save on tool construction costs, especially when compared with progressive die stamping.

Better Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Drawing allows for the production of lightweight components without compromising the strength or integrity of the material. As the deep drawing process subjects metal to significant deformation, stretching the crystalline structure to its limits, it often leaves the material in its hardest state upon completion.

Superior Cylindrical Part Production Capabilities

When creating parts that have a cylindrical shape, such as a can, metal deep drawing is the ideal solution. A circular metal blank easily forms into a 3D circular object, minimizing cycle production times and costs by utilizing multiple draw ratios in a singular press.

Additional Benefits of Drawing

In addition to the advantages indicated above, metal deep drawing also allows for:

  • Stronger and higher quality parts (due to the lack of seams)
  • Faster production
  • More complex geometric designs
  • Lower labor costs

There are many benefits to working with Peterson Manufacturing.

In addition to our expertise in deep drawn conversions, we also provide collaboration on design, and several post-processing services such as anodizing, plating, painting, tempering/annealing, and burnishing. We design, build, and maintain all tooling for our services in-house. We are ISO 9001 registered and meet many industry standards.

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