Precision Deep Drawn Cold Rolled Steel Burner Tube

This steel burner tube, which was designed for use in a gas range burner assembly for a major US appliance manufacturer was converted from a process of cutting, forming and machining tubing.

At Peterson Manufacturing, LLC., we utilized our high-speed transfer press technology to produce the precision deep drawn metal stamping “complete to print” with each stroke of the press. Our process resulted in a savings in excess of $200,000 per year for the customer. We ensured the 600,000 units met tolerances of ± .005″ and complied with the customer’s specifications.

At Peterson Manufacturing, we believe in the power of building long-lasting customer relationships as we perform precision deep drawn metal stamping one part at a time. We carefully study and assess the design, engineering and processes in order to produce the most functional, cost-effective parts possible.

Our ability to reduce costs by replacing metal forming processes such as screw machining, tube fabricating and cold heading with our high-speed transfer press technology continues to bring us repeat customers.

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