Deep Drawn Custom Fabricated Threaded Fittings

Our customer previously manufactured these mating parts utilizing screw machine technology. By converting the manufacturing process to our high speed transfer press, the customer saved ~78% per part.

Peterson Manufacturing, LLC. has been providing precision deep drawn metal stamped components for more than half a century and knows how to drive down costs while enhancing performance and functionality. The mating components of CDA – 220 brass, are designed for use in a heater coil installation for a dishwasher manufacturer.

Our high-speed transfer press produces this part “complete to print”. We ensure the parts meet tolerances of ± .002″ and diligently execute the necessary in-process dimensional, thread and visual inspections. We currently fabricate millions of the threaded fitting and bulkhead nuts per year.

When you need quick, efficient precision deep drawn metal stamping, we deliver the quality parts and components that enhance your products’ performance and your company’s reputation.

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