A Guide To Deep Drawn Aluminum Parts

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Bob Longo
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April 3, 2020
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10:57 pm

The Deep Drawn Aluminum Forming Process

Aluminum typically does not feature the highest quality of elasticity, elongation, and strain distribution properties. As such, when forming aluminum parts, industry professionals must employ part designs and manufacturing methods that evenly stretch the workpiece or feed the material into a draw cavity, such as deep drawing.

Deep drawing—also known as deep draw or deep drawn stamping—is a forming process used to create metal parts and products with heights equal to or greater than their widths. Typical end products include hollow cylindrical or rectangular components with straight, curved, or tapered sides.

Deep drawing operations employ the use of a series of dies or punches to compress or stretch the material until all of the workpiece dimensions meet those outlined in the part design. The formation of the part occurs gradually, with each successive die reducing the width and increasing the length slightly without changing the wall thickness.

Some of the key considerations to keep in mind during the deep drawing process include:

  • The draw ratio must be sufficient to exceed the compressed material’s resistance to flow.
  • The deep drawing operation must avoid stretching the material by using the right draw ratio, lubricant, and blank holder force.
  • The blank edge must not be too far from the edge of the punch; otherwise, the metal will not flow and will stretch too much.

Advantages of Aluminum in Deep Drawing

When used in deep drawing operations, aluminum offers several manufacturing advantages, such as:

Lighter Material Weight

Aluminum is valued for its high strength-to-weight ratio. At one-third the weight of steel, it is often used in the aerospace and automotive industries to produce lightweight but strong and durable components that can withstand high pressures, temperature fluctuations, and heavy vibrations.

Greater Strength and Durability

Aluminum displays exceptional dent resistance and retains its shape better than other metals exposed to the same force. These characteristics make it particularly useful for exterior automotive and airplane panels, which regularly experience impacts.

Smaller Environmental Impact

Aluminum is highly recyclable. This quality enables industrial companies to reuse scrap waste in future operations and recycle materials when they reach the end of their service lives.

Higher Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum is naturally resistant to a wide range of corrosive compounds. Unlike other metals, it can be used in environments exposed to moisture and other corrosive substances without requiring extensive treatment.

Better Conductivity

Aluminum is a highly effective electrical and thermal conductor. Combine with its lighter material weight, this characteristic makes it excellent for use in foils, electrical wires, and conductor cables.

Superior Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability

Deep drawn aluminum components are relatively inexpensive to fabricate. Additionally, the process accommodates both high and low volume production needs.

Deep Drawn Aluminum Parts from Peterson Manufacturing

Peterson Manufacturing is an ISO registered manufacturer dedicated to providing the highest quality deep drawn stampings in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Equipped with over six decades of industry experience, we can meet virtually any deep drawn stamping need, including for deep drawn aluminum parts and products.

Our engineered metal stampings – including eyelets, ferrules, shells, caps, sleeves, and bezels – find application in a wide range of industrial devices, equipment, and systems, such as automobiles, consumer appliances, gauges, sensors and controls, valves, plumbing systems, hose assemblies, and hand tools. We also offer deep drawn conversion solutions for alternative metal forming operations, such as screw machining and cold heading.

Regardless of your stamping needs, we can assist you with quality parts, superior service, reliable delivery, and competitive prices. To learn more about our deep drawn aluminum product and service offerings, contact us or request a quote today.


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